Residency Program

The Bronx Lebanon Program in Ophthalmology trains a total of six ophthalmology residents, two per year. The clinical experience at Bronx-Lebanon offers a wealth of pathology under the constant supervision of a nurturing and attentive faculty. Our high faculty to resident ratio, and the wide range of clinical and surgical experiences, didactic education and research opportunities prepares our trainees for a successful career in ophthalmology. See Where our Residents have gone.

Residency training is primarily based at the Department of Ophthalmology’s main clinic location at the hospital’s Concourse Division (1650 Grand Concourse). Other rotating sites include the SBH Health System, the Mandel Vision Laser Center and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

All residency positions are filled through the San Francisco Match. Trainees must complete the USMLE steps 1-3 or Canadian equivalent as well as an internship year in either Internal Medicine, Surgery or a transitional year prior to starting the program.

We adhere to all ACGME program requirements.

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