Letter from the Program Director

Dear Prospective Resident:

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, located in the heart of the South Bronx, represents a crossroads of diverse populations, languages and cultures. Our residents interact with people from vastly different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and on clinical exam see pathologies normally seen only in textbooks or far off countries.

Our high faculty to resident ratio affords our residents unparalleled one on one teaching by our clinic staff. Outside the clinic walls is our mentoring program which pairs residents with a faculty member of their choice to help them navigate residency and provide career guidance.

Our didactics curriculum is strong at Bronx-Lebanon. Conferences include grand rounds with invited guest speakers, resident case presentations, journal club, performance improvement/preferred practice pattern projects, surgery rounds (morbidity conference), and wet-lab, all on a rotating basis. In addition there is a weekly board review prep course geared to the annual written OKAP exam and the American Board of Ophthalmology written qualifying exam. Our annual mock oral board is not only a valuable knowledge assessment tool, but it also helps familiarize residents with the format of the oral boards. For many doctors, the first time they take an oral examination in Ophthalmology it is the real thing.

There is a saying above an old bookshop in neighboring Manhattan, “wise men fish here.” While that may be true, one may mistakenly infer that wisdom comes from books. In truth, real wisdom is achieved when book knowledge is integrated with effective mentoring and life experience. I suggest that at Bronx-Lebanon a more apt sign would read “fishing here makes people wise.”

Good luck and happy fishing!

Jonathan Levine MD
Residency Program Director