The current CIR resident salaries are as follows:

PGY             2017              2018             2019

PGY-2       $65,860*          67,507          69,195

PGY-3       $71,967*          73,766          75,611

PGY-4       $74,728*          75,596          78,511

*note: A meal allowance of an additional $1,425 is prorated on top of the salaries listed above – this is additional to the on-call vouchers.

Union Benefits:

Union Benefits through the CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents) include Health (with full family coverage), Dental, Optical, Life, Disability, and Legal services at no additional cost to the resident.

Vacation policy and medical, family, personal and educational leaves:

Each resident is entitled to 4 weeks of vacation per year. Requests must be submitted to the future chief resident prior to June for the upcoming academic year. The schedule is made based on seniority. No two residents may be on vacation the same week.

In compliance with the CIR agreement with our institution, residents are entitled to 12 sick days per academic year, and 2 personal days.

Residents are entitled to family, medical, personal and educational leaves of absence subject to approval by the program director.

Book and Technology Allowance:

Residents are entitled to receive up to $660 annually) for educational material, which can be used to acquire books, a smartphone, or a tablet device. In addition, the BCSC series is provided to incoming residents by the department.

Educational Resources:

Library services are available within the department at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Library 24/7 and through the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai available with remote access.

Residents also have access to the AAO resident hub an online educational platform that is an essential resource for effective online learning.


A conference allowance of $1,075 per year is available to each senior resident.  In addition, if a resident of any year is presenting at a conference, the department will reimburse expenses.


Monthly garage parking can be deducted pre-tax.


Vending machine and café vouchers for on-call use.

Transport vouchers for car service between Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and St. Barnabus Hospital.

Board Review:

$400 Board review reimbursement for senior residents.